Beyond the limits of HDD

On the occasion of the event “incontriamoci” arranged by IATT in Rome on 05/12/2017 (Italian Association for Trenchless Technology), to Anese Srl has been recognized the “research and Development” Award in the category: horizontal directional drilling.


The realization of “Project Moses” showed how the company, with its experience and high professional skills, has been able to implement an innovative solution to overcome the problems encountered such as the prohibitive logistical conditions, the high environmental value of the area to be protected, the need not to create inconvenience to the usual activities of residents and not to interfere with the operations of the Navy.


The innovative solution used was the method of intersection of two separate holes, one departing from the start drilling and one departing in the end point of the perforation, contrary to the principal but describing the trajectory of the project.

This technique combined with the decision to create only one artificial island led to: reduce environmental impact, reduce significantly the costs of the work and reduce lead times.


-Impossible challenges motivate us more and we will always try to turn the impossible into possible-  Milco Anese

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