The origins

Anese was born in the 1960s on the initiative of its founder Gino Anese and is based in Concordia Sagittaria.

The company, due to the original characteristics of the owners and the first collaborators, due to its territorial location, in the area of vast reclaimed land estates or to be reclaimed, started the activity carrying out works of accommodation and hydraulic defense and earthworks with laying or removal of lithoid materials.

The evolution over time


New drainage techniques with laying of micro-cracks corrugated tubes. Road construction, construction of aqueducts and sewers for public and private entities.



Trenchless technologies – Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)


Lime / cement soil stabilization technique for soil remediation

Quality assurance

Customer care is one of the basic elements that has always characterized the activity of the Enterprise Anese. The human and technological heritage, combined with the experience gained, have allowed us to achieve two important goals which the ESNASOA certificate for various categories and classifications and ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015 certification, OHSAS 18001-2007.
In particular the ISO 9001-2008 certification is a confirmation of the policy of continuous improvement of the company in the implementation of its processes including: the design, planning and carrying out the work.

field workers

technical and administrative

Only the best



Advanced technology (Trenchless)

The technology and the machinery for the realisation of the Horizontal Directional Drilling used by Anese allow the company to carry out project on different types of ground and to lay any type of infrastructure (steel, high density polyethylene – HDPE – piping for water, gas, fuel oil, sewers, elec- trical and telecommunication infrasructure).
The company has at its disposal the know-how of the most modern guiding systems, such as Walk-Over and MSG (Magnetic Guidance System) when carrying out this type of perforation.


Environmental care

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) technology is an up-to-date technique which allows the installation of pipes, under-pipes or cables under rivers, roads, railways, protected areas, buildings or densely populated areas without open trenching minimizing in this way the site area significantly.
The technology does not require any trench and so there is no emission of dust, fumes and polluting particles, therefore the impact on the landscape and the environment is limited. Social costs and health risks for the citizen are reduced to a minimum.


High professional staff

The excellent professional level of workers and collaborators is made up of about a hundred collaborators including technicians (graduates and graduates), employees, highly skilled and qualified workers. Our services are based on certified quality standards.

years established

project completed

“It is impossible challenges to motivate us more and we will always continue to try to turn the impossible into a possible”

Milco Anese

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