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At Anese s.r.l. we offer a variety of civil, traditional and specialist services characterized by decades of know-how and experience. Our brand and our quality standards are recognized nationally and abroad.

HDD – Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal drilling technology subsidiary is an advanced technique derived from drilling for oil wells which allows you to install pipes or cables under rivers, roads, railways, protected areas, buildings or densely populated areas, without having to resort to the excavation.

Soil stabilization with lime/cement

The stabilization of the lime and/or cement lands replaces the traditional methodology which foresees the removal with transport to waste of the materials with strong clayey component (considered of waste) and the subsequent substitution with inert materials gravelly, Of scarce availability and increasingly expensive.

Hydraulic works and infrastructures

These include the works of supervision of banks of watercourses, carried out both from the ground and with the aid of pontoons, hydraulic reclamation characterized by excavation or resectioning of canals, drains and equipment from scooping controllers/manufacturing.

Sewarage and acqueducts laying

Aqueducts, gas, sewer and irrigation lines made in “No-Dig” according to more traditional installation techniques but also with “chains” or “moles” such as a liaison with the latest HDD methodologies.

Agricultural and industrial drainage

Agricultural drainage is the Elimination of the traditional open-air scoline (accommodation at the ferrarese), through the incorporation of micro-slotted corrugated PVC pipes.

Marine works

The endowment of pontoons as an essential condition for the execution of levees, jetties and lagoon requalifications.

Crane service and exceptional transport

The variety of corporate endorsements must be adequately supported by the logistics; timeliness and punctuality in moving the company vehicles, also exceptional, constitute fundamental elements of competitiveness.
Anese srl, with its own fleet of trucks and cranes, is able to satisfy every need.

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