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On June 13th, 2018 in Bucharest, in the heart of the Romanian capital, the third edition of the International Festival “Trenchless Romania” was held at the convention hall of the Hotel Caro.

The promoter of the festival, together with the Romanian Association for Trenchless Technology (RoSTT), was the German company Traco-Technik, leader in the equipment sector for the no-dig.

As main sponsor, were present also the manufacturer of machines companies Herrenknecht and Veermer.

It was a conference aimed at deepening the no-dig technologies and its different applications/evolutions.

With these technologies it is possible not only to install new piping but also to realize renovation and substitution works.

Thanks also to the formalization of a series of reference practices, it is now consolidated that the no-dig technologies, in particular the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), represent a mix of economic efficiency and environmental protection through a modern installation technique.

The no-dig techniques have already had a very wide spectrum of application; they can be used for the installation of all water utilities such as water and sewage, passing through gas lines to the electrical lines and optic fiber.

Nowadays, they are also being successful in the field of geotechnical applications such as drainage, injections and consolidation.

In particular, for the optical fiber, we of Anese srl have brought our experience in this regard, presenting one of our greatest and most prestigious works: “The installation of the fiber-optic connection between the control station of the Mose and the arsenal of Venice “, presented by our Trenchless Manager Marcello Viti, with whom we have been awarded for the best international project of the last two years. More details about the work can be found at this link.

It is of paramount importance nowadays to sponsor the no-dig technologies because they represent a real leap forward in the field of infrastructure.

There are increasingly opportunities and challenges in the world; especially in countries like Romania in which the government is investing more than 3 billion euros in order to meet the needs of water services, which we call primarily, to which 40% of the Romanian population still has no access.

Many of the interventions of the conference were relevant, during which they talk about: new investments in the sector, development of equipment and new techniques of posing; all towards greater technical efficiency.

For more details on the festival program, it can be reached at this link.

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