The company Anese Srl specialized in environmental interventions in the coastal area, in the stabilization of soils and horizontal controlled drilling, through its field R&D, has conducted under a legal and regulatory framework, a study on the possibility of using the shells of bivalve molluscs for erosion protection in the areas of the lagoon.

 This activity is made possible thanks to the financial support of the regional operational program POR CRO of implementation of ERDF 2007-2013, action 1.1.3 – measure II-“contributions to companies for the use of qualified research”, DGR 1552/2012.

After a long digression on national and Community legislation, jurisprudence and doctrine which has as its object of municipal waste, you have verified that the shells of the molluscs from the cleaning of beaches are considered solid waste and therefore are doomed to Landfilling.

A solution for environmental protection

Research and development allows us to prove that the shells of bivalves can be classified not as waste but as a byproduct, and then after appropriate treatment of desalination and drying, as with dredging spoil be used through request and subsequent authorization by the competent authority.

Their use can be placed in the creation of salt marshes and mudflats or facilities (Burgh and/or mattresses) for the contrast of the erosion on the river banks.

Critical issues found

However, there are bureaucratic and regulatory difficulties, which make the use and development of more complicated techniques and that unfortunately doesn’t allow companies to achieve economic consistency, given the address of is more oriented to disposal rather than recovery.

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