The aim of the work was to move the pipes connected to an industrial complex containing fluids of various kinds, so you don’t have to intervene on the bridge on which they were laid.

The present geological situation was essentially composed of cohesive soils; criticality was the presence in the left bank, a shallow horizon of approximately 5 metres with coarse gravel and sand granulometries type.

For laying the 5 pipes side by side, there was available space and considering the major diameter of the piping the greatest risk was what the individual holes made to interfere with those by generating instability of cables with the risk of the collapse of the holes and clamping of pipes being shot.


  • Pipe laying in parallel with diameters from HDPE DN315 to DN800
  • manage by 300 to 400 cubic meters of mud in a delicate area
  • save costs of intervention than the alternative proposal for a reconstruction of the bridge
  • low environmental impact


Given the delicate condition of the structure of the work, Anese has carried out a series of horizontal directional drilling subsidiaries (HDD) who have crossed the river.

In this way there was no need to intervene on deck, upon which they laid pipes, and was avoided the ensuing obstruction of the riverbed.

This technology has enabled the necessary piping minimizing environmental impact, while maintaining the precision of project demand and significantly lower than the alternative rebuilding a new airlift.

Considering the industrial liquids were chosen for Hdpe pipes within pipes HDPE shirt always to ensure the protection of the environment if we are to create cracks on the main line avoiding direct discharges into the river.

Project Outcome

  • Laying of parallel pipes
  • Securing opera
  • Low impact on the environment
  • Recirculation of sludge, sludge treatment and reuse old and reduced consumption of new
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