The Experience gained by the company over the years, the attention paid to the evolution of New Technologies and the Passion for the Work it carries out, means New Opportunities

No project is too small or too big

Experience across Italy and international approach

The significant portfolio of important clients acquired in Italy and abroad has helped to increase technical and commercial competence and enabled Anese to face up to foreign competitors and to extend its sphere of operative activity easily into markets both inside and outside Europe.

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The benefits of agricultural drainage

The benefits of agricultural drainage

La technique The purpose of the underground drainage is to convey excess water, due to the rain, out of a terrain to enable or enhance its use with constant level of groundwater. If the problem affects an area sufficiently large size, we speak rather of hydraulic...

Securing the main conduct of aqueduct of Romagna Acque

Securing the main conduct of aqueduct of Romagna Acque

Challenge the company Anese was charged by Romagna Acque for securing the main conduct of the aqueduct of Romagna on Meldola-Monte Casale, between “La Coppina” and “Forbaiola”. The final project consisted of a bypass tract with a steel pipeline of DN 1400 mm diameter...

Trenchless Technologies and the environment

The meeting between technology and environment in perfect harmony, respecting nature and architecture.

The area of the Hill Montenuovo is characterized by a naturalistic Park that impresses with its colours, for wildlife and for the incredible panoramic view.

At its feet lies the Catajo Castle, built between 1570 and 1573 at the behest of the leader of the Republic of Venice Pio Enea I degli Obizzi. An architectural masterpiece depicting the Venetian aristocracy with its 350 rooms full of frescoes and statues, was also used as a theatre.

Our values

We at Anese believe that to make the difference, it is always essential to follow the core values of the company


Our passion is nothing more than the motivation to carry out every job, the will to overcome each new challenge, break every record and the curiosity to take the technique to unexplored lands.


Following the state of the art technique is fundamental as well as contributing to its evolution through experience and new discoveries that take place in the field


Our works are only possible through teamwork and cooperation; this is why people are the most important asset of the company

Strategic innovation

Planning of long-term objectives and measurement of results in order to have control over the new investments to be made.


If it is true that the technical and professional skills of the team are important, so is the attention to the evolution of technology, so as to always provide the customer with the best possible service.

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