Our fleet

Midi & Maxi RIG

Our RIG fleet is composed of machines of different sizes and power for laying pipes of diameters ranging from the tube containing optical fiber to the gas, aqueduct and sewerage pipe

  • Herrenknecht HK 300T
  • Herrenknecht HK 250T
  • Vermeer D300X500
  • Vermeer D220X300
  • Vermeer D100X140
  • Vermeer D100X120
  • Vermeer D80X100 SERIES II
  • Vermeer D33X44
  • Vermeer D24X40
  • Vermeer D16X20

Milling machines

The machines used for milling the soil reach a maximum milling depth of 50 cm and the load capacity of the binder-spreader is about 26.310 kg

  • Wirtgen WR 2000
  • Wirtgen WR 250
  • Wirtgen Fresa WR 220
  • Spandi-legante IVECO MAGIRUS 380E542W SPANIEN
  • Rullo gommato HAMM GRW 280i-28
  • Rullo HAMM 3518
  • Rullo HAMM H20i
  • Rullo HAMM 3414
  • Apripista CAT D6N XL
  • Apripista CAT D5H

Drainage machines

The “moles” for laying drainage pipes reach a maximum depth of 2.50 m and an excavation width ranging from 25 to 60 cm. They measure a width of 2.50 m and are perfectly able to operate between existing structures such as the vineyards.

  • Dynapac Giant 3000 Hp 250 (catenaria)
  • Dynapac Titan 622 Hp 350 (talpa)
  • Dynapac Super Drainploug 783 Hp 250 (talpa)


According to the needs, the two pontoons are able to carry out any maritime or fluvial job

  • Motopontone San Martino + Libeherr HS 832 HD (32m x 8m; Portata: 239,5 ton)
  • Pontone galleggiante “Gino” (18m x 8,5m; Portata: 100 ton)

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